COVID-19 otherwise known as Novel Coronavirus has taken our world by storm. With more than 2,531,804 confirmed cases worldwide to date(as of Apr 2020) and over 175,621 deaths, the Take Back Africa Foundation feels that it is our obligation to respond to this virus. Africa, our great continent, has become the topic of conversation in recent months. As a whole, the continent has over 23,517 confirmed cases; 1,160 deaths; 6,116 recoveries. Africa is currently leading the world with the least number of coronavirus cases, and African countries must continue to work to limit widespread infections. 

The Take Back Africa Foundation’s mission is to build networks through creative partnerships with Diaspora led initiatives to improve the socio-economic status of Africa, while leveraging innovation to make the continent sustainable for future generations. We want to bridge the gap with those in the Diaspora both domestically and afar to empower communities within the continent to transform Africa. One way that we can do that is to provide our communities with concrete and actionable ideas of how to address the current epidemic. 

The World Health organization (WHO) has issued guidance to countries which include measures such as quarantine, repatriations of citizens, and preparedness at workplaces. WHO is providing remote support to affected countries on the use of electronic data tools, so national health authorities can better understand the outbreak in their countries. Fortunately, preparedness and quick responses due to previous epidemics have provided many of our countries with the foundation needed to tackle the spread of coronavirus.

Based on information provided by the WHO and other organizations tracking the spread of coronavirus, the Take Back Africa team has come up with a few ideas that we believe African governments and communities can implement to address the current epidemic. Individuals and communities remain the most powerful tool to prevent the spread of coronavirus. 

Action Items:

  • Investing in NGOs and Community Based Organizations that are helping spread credible information about coronavirus testing and those that are building the capacity in community members to champion the cause. 
  • Informational website or government response center that issues updates on the current state of the coronavirus in the country.
  • Counter disinformation and provide guidance to keep the public well informed through (radio broadcast and tv reports)
  • Increase your local government’s threat level to Defcon-5 to make sure that this is treated like a national emergency 
  • Create mechanisms for food and resource distribution so that people are being fed during this time which encourages people to stay home 
  • African diasporans need to continue to communicate with their family members back home and inform them on measures to keep safe during this time

The Take Back Africa Foundation wants to bridge the gap with those in the Diaspora, both domestically and afar to empower communities especially those most affected by COVID-19. Due to the current climate, we understand that many families are negatively impacted through job loss, sickness, and even loss of a loved one. So the Take Back Africa Foundation wants to help at least 10 families in the diaspora put food on their table and ease the burden that COVID-19 has brought about. Friends and family if you would like to help support this initiative please share this post and donate as little as $5 today. Our goal is to reach at least $1k by the end of May. It is only right that we issue this white paper to let our community know that we see you, we hear you, and we want to play our part in the solution for tackling coronavirus. 

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